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Bin There, Pack That

When that perfect-weather weekend pops up, having your camping supplies ready to go is a great way to minimize prep and maximize fun.  We fit most items into our camp bin and handy table tote.  Tote-ally awesome, right?


All of this stuff fits in the bin:


The “junk drawer” is one of those zippered bags that sheets and pillowcases usually come in. It’s clear, durable, and easy to open and close.  Our junk drawer contains: canisters of fuel, single burner stove, collapsible drip coffee maker, tiny cribbage board, deck of cards, tiny backgammon, collapsible dish-washing bucket, duct tape, tablecloth clips, emergency poncho, and extra batteries.  The “lotions and potions” sack contains sunscreen, sunburn gel, bug spray, cortisone, and camp soap.

When choosing a bin, find one with a tight-fitting lid that will be waterproof, even in the craziest of storms.  A sodden bin will surely sadden happy campers!

All this stuff fits into our handy (and adorable) table tote:


Our table tote is a 5 gallon bucket with a snug-fitting wood lid.  We store items in here that we don’t need to access frequently so we can use it as a table.  Smokey says, “Only YOU can produce forest fun!”

BinBlog1Of course, we never go camping without our pudgie pie irons. Here’s a pie iron pro tip:  When the camp chair breaks and all you’re left with is the carrying case, use it to store your pie irons. It’s tote-ally perfect!