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Announcing Pudgie Revolution 2!

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Big news! We’ve got a 2nd pudgie pie cookbook in the works!  It’s called Pudgie Revolution 2: Pushing Your Pie Iron’s PotentialIt can be pre-ordered through our Kickstarter campaign, which we’ve launched to help cover the costs of design and printing.  We are so excited to share our new pie iron recipes!  Please check out our Kickstarter for more details and (spoiler alert) to see an exploding pie iron in our video!



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Gobble Up Free Shipping!

Gobble up free shipping on all Pudgie Revolution cookbook orders through 11/27.  Get your cookbook in time to make this Thanksgiving leftovers pudgie pie! Click here to purchase


Gobble It Up!


  • potato bread (butter bread)
  • cranberry sauce, 2 TB
  • turkey
  • gravy
  • stuffing mix


Spread butter or margarine on one side of potato bread and place butter-side down in pie iron. Spread cranberry sauce on bread and top with turkey slices, gravy and stuffing mix.  Top with buttered bread and close pie iron.  Cook over hot coals until golden brown.  Let cool a few minutes before gobbling it up!


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Pudgies in Season: Apples!

This apeeling pudgie pie will surely please you to the core. It’s a caramel apple pudgie pie and you should make it!


Dude, Where’s My Caramel Apple?


  • Texas Toast, buttered
  • apple, chopped
  • caramel sauce (get real caramel sauce, rather than caramel-flavored)
  • peanuts, chopped


Butter bread on one side and place buttered side down in iron.  Press the interior of the bread into the pie iron to make room for lots of filling.  Pile in chopped apples, caramel sauce, and peanuts.  Top with other slice of bread, buttered side up and close iron.  Cook over hot coals until golden brown!

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Crispy SPAM-wich Pudgie Pie

SPAM you’ll want to receive! Try slicing this canned camping favorite and using it as a crust!  Here’s how:

SpamPudgie2Fill one side of your pie iron with buttered white bread, an egg, American cheese, mayo and chopped onions.  Coat the other side of your iron with high heat cooking spray and fill with 3/8″ slices of SPAM.SpamPudgie3

Close iron and cook over a fire or grill until golden on both sides.  Cook the bread-side first to prevent egg from running under the SPAM in your iron.


It’s a crispy-salty-ooey-gooey treat!


Crispy SPAM-wich


  • 1 slice white bread, buttered
  • 1 egg
  • American cheese, 1 slice
  • onion, chopped
  • mayonnaise
  • SPAM, sliced about 3/8″ thick
  • high heat  cooking spray


Spray one side of pie iron with cooking spray and fill with slices of SPAM.  Butter white bread slice, place butter-side down in other side of iron, and gently press down on the center of the bread.  Crack one egg onto the bread and use a fork to break the yoke and carefully spread it around.  Top egg with American cheese, mayonnaise, and chopped onion.  Close iron and place over fire or grill cooking the bread-side first to set egg.  Flip and continue cooking until both sides are a crispy golden brown.

Happy 4th of Jul-pie!

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In honor of Independence Day, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all cookbook orders received on or before July 4th.  What better way to celebrate the freedoms won in the American Revolution than with Pudgie Revolution?!

We also decided to create a stars and stripes pudgie that’ll have Uncle Sam asking for seconds.  Introducing The American Pie Pudgie, for your pie-triotic eating pleasure!  Happy 4th of Jul-pie!

The American Pie

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Happy Campers! FREE SHIPPING til Memorial Day

Calling all happy campers!  Spring is in full swing and it’s high time for pudgie pies. To celebrate the official beginning of camping season, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all website orders from now until Memorial Day. Stock up now and you’ll be set for a nice long season of campfire cooking.

It’s been a busy time here at Pudgie Headquarters!  We’ve been getting  a lot of great press lately and people are really excited about Pudgie Revolution!  Big thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Isthmus, The Capital Times, and The Daily Jefferson County Union for publishing some fantastic features on the book and spreading the pudgie love near and far.  We also had the opportunity to talk pudgies with Kurt Baron on his Forward podcast.  It’s been a ton of fun to tell our story and extoll the virtues of pie iron cooking.

We also released the latest installment of our Pudgie University video series, featuring helpful hints and hilarious puns pertaining to a recipe from the book called Peachy Keen.  Liv and Carrie demonstrate the keen art of constructing a pudgie with a pound cake crust and delicious fruity filling.  You don’t want to miss it!

Finally, we’ll be out this Saturday (5/16) at the Mad City Bazaar on the corner of East Washington Avenue and First Street in Madison.  Stop on by to say hello, tell us about your own creative pudgie pie endeavors, and pick up a few extra copies of the book for friends and family.  Hope to see you there!


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